Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lucy is so weak and useless!

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"The weak will always remain weak, but weakness isn't necessarily bad. People are weak creatures by nature. People's insecurities are why guilds exist, why comrades exist. They come together and move forward to live life to the fullest. If you're clumsy, you might run into more obstacles and take a long way around, but as long as you step forward with faith in tomorrow, you'll find that your strength will emerge on its own. You'll be able to smile and live life to the fullest."

If you honestly hate on Lucy and complain about her being weak, then I think you've completely missed the point of Fairy Tail. Listen, a major theme in this manga is team strength. The strength you get from loving and being loved. Another is, like I talked about in my Sting post, that there are different ways to be strong. And, there are different ways to be weak. Everyone has their strengths and everyone has their weaknesses. This is known. If characters don't have both, then they are flat, boring characters. We have no need for that, characters like that are unrealistic and a waste of time.

And, it shouldn't be a surprise that not everyone is physically strong. Some people are built to be power houses. Some aren't. It's stupid to expect everyone to be strong in the same way. And, why would you want that? If everyone in Team Natsu had the same strengths...that wouldn't exactly be a very balanced team, would it? The good thing about Team Natsu is that they are pretty well balanced. They work together very well.

While Lucy is a valuable addition to Team Natsu, I often see people hate on her for being weak and saying she shouldn't be a part of the team. Lucy even sees herself as weak and mentions it when invited to 'join' (remain on?) Team Natsu. But, Natsu and the rest of the guild (and me) insist that she isn't and belongs on the team.

Before you go shouting about Lucy being unworthy to be on the 'strongest' team, let me explain you a thing. Lucy is useful and has a useful place in the team. Why do I believe that? Well, have some patience, I'm getting to that. Let me start out with saying that there was no Team Natsu before Lucy joined Fairy Tail. Gray, Natsu and Happy, and Erza all went on jobs on their own. Their team formed after being on a couple of jobs together and seeing that they meshed pretty well.

Lucy works as a sort of more level-headed, cautious buffer in the team. We have Erza who is strong, aggressive, brash, punishing, and a little socially awkward. Then, we have Natsu and Gray who regularly get into fist fights and cause a lot of unnecessary destruction. Though we see them together in flash backs as children, we never see them working together on jobs before Lucy. Team Natsu actually starts with just Natsu, Lucy, and Happy, because Natsu takes a liking to Lucy. Gray and Erza are later additions. Lucy is the not as destructive, cautious, understanding, calmer, book smart, more socially capable weight on the other side of the scale that balances their team.

I think Lucy's strength is an inner strength rather than an outer one. Before I get into her inner strength (which is multifaceted), though, I would like to point out one way she is very strong outwardly. Lucy is one tough mofo. I mean, that girl can really take a beating. Gajeel throws her around and hurts her a lot to incite Natsu and the only lasting injury he leaves on her is a bruise on her side. With all of the Twilight-esque heroines who bruise so easily because they're so delicate, it's refreshing to have a heroine who has thicker, tougher skin and doesn't turn black and blue when you poke her. (I don't mean to offend any one who bruises like a peach heh heh)

Mashima likes to beat the crap out of her (o_0 I'm judging you, Mashima), but does Lucy give up? Hell no. She's not one who's against letting her emotions show and crying, but she never cries in these situations. This is where we start to move into the inner strength. Whenever Lucy is in a situation where she is outmatched and is taking the heat for it, she doesn't run away. She responds with an almost stubborn determination and will. She won't stop because she refuses to quit and let her teammates down. Lucy is actually pretty freaking brave.

Lucy is resilient. Her loyal belief in her guildmates makes her stronger. She has the strength and courage to take the abuse thrown at her, especially in the name of her friends. She is willing to deal with the pain for the sake of the people she cares about and she faces it with a smile. Not many people have that. I know I don't. This determination and strong will is similar to what kept the Fairy Tail team standing when facing Sting in the last chapter and serves to show that Lucy is Fairy Tail strong and definitely belongs in the team.

Now let's move into the inner strength. Lucy grew up pretty isolated. Her manor and the manor grounds were pretty large, but she didn't really leave them that often. Her friends were her spirits and her maids. Other than that, she was pretty lonely, wasn't she? Where am I going with this? Well, this is all Lucy knows. These grounds. She knows of the rest of the world and has gone out into it some, but most of her knowledge comes from books. So, it takes a lot of bravery and strength to leave everything she knows behind.

How often do we see people stay in a place, despite how unhappy they are, just because they can't leave? The prospect of change and being on her own had to be scary. She was leaving the place of the only people (at that moment) who cared for her. She could easily have failed and died and no one would know or care. She would have gone down in obscurity. No one was looking out for her. She was moving ahead in her life on her own. As someone who is just starting to make my own way into the world (and, unlike Lucy, I have a lot of support and help from my family and several people are looking out for me) it's freaking scary. She says she doesn't want her destiny decided for her, so she's using her own power and taking it into her own hands. Pretty impressive.

Something else that is impressive is how quickly Lucy's magical skill improves. Before she joined Fairy Tail, her spirits were mainly used for company. I don't imagine her having many opponents or even friends to spar with. Natsu and the others have grown up in the guild, using their magic in battle nearly everyday. They've fought to protect themselves and have used it in real world situations thousands of times. There is a difference in knowing how to do something and actually doing it. I mean, I could learn all about surgery and know exactly how to do it. But, would you want me performing on you over someone who has practiced on cadavers and then real people successfully? Probably not.

So, it's natural to see Lucy nervous and scared in the beginning. People often hate on her for 'backing out of a fight' or being a coward in general. She has no experience in this! She has much to learn. And, as the manga progresses, we see Lucy becoming more and more skilled. How quickly she is catching up to the others is crazy impressive. Wow.

As we follow the manga, we see Lucy go from someone who doesn't always call her spirits out in the best order and who runs out of magic at important times into someone who can call out two spirits, who has developed her spirit calling strategy, has more magic power, has improved her own physical magic so she can fight alongside her spirits, and has a ton more confidence. In the Flare fight, Lucy is a bad ass. And, this is only after a technical 'year' of being in Fairy Tail. Wow. Imagine how much more she can improve if that's the change she manages in that time.

Okay, I've wandered a little away from the inner strength point I'm making. To return to the path, I'll start with how Lucy is really freaking smart. She may not be battle smart from the start, but she is awfully book smart.

She was able to recognize a spell placed on the book and know that there was a 'true' story. The employer didn't know that and was glad that Lucy was able to figure it out. She also connected that they were related. Also, Lucy was the only person to figure out where the Mavis' grave was. And, Gray and Loke knew that she would probably be the one to be able to figure it out.

Despite the stereotype that comes with Lucy's appearance, she values intelligence and is very intelligent. And , I touched on it before in outer strength, Lucy has a strong will. She is much like Naruto in this aspect, where she attracts people to her with her kindness, compassion, and persistence. She befriends most people with ease. Even those who are difficult to befriend (those who were/should be her enemies, those who push people away on purpose) end up coming to care for the plucky blonde. Gemini, Juvia (she was one of the first guildies to befriend her), both Cocos, Yukino, Flare, Eclair, and the Spirit King.

"I said I'm going to save you no matter what! I can force open the Gate to the Spirit World; watch me!"

About the Spirit King. Holy crap. What a display of strength that was! Lucy called out all of her spirits at once and even the Spirit King. That is ridiculously strong. And, she could have died from that, but she did it anyways to save Loke...who she wasn't even that close with at that point. She saved him purely with her strength of both emotions and magic. And, that hasn't even been the only time Lucy has saved someone.

She's caught Natsu several times when he was going to fall after magic depletion, saved him from Angel and when he went over the waterfall, stopped Byro from catching Coco (though Natsu did come in at the end), saved Wendy and Arcadios through Horologium, and herself by jumping in the way. A lot of times, Lucy is looked down on because her magic is calling others to fight for her, but it is her magic that brings these spirits into the fight and it makes her very versatile as a mage. And, it's not like she doesn't fight alongside them. Lucy has done so much to help others in the guild, it's ridiculous to me that people call her useless or weak. Blah.

And, Lucy has won a lot of fights and has been an important aid on several as well! For simplicity, I'll list these in bullet format:
  • She helped Natsu beat Bora and his goonies by having Aquarius wash the boat to shore. If not for that, Natsu would have been helplessly motion-sick and unable to properly fight.
  • Lucy beat Duke Everlue.
  • Lucy has Virgo dig a hole so they can escape the wind tunnel and Natsu can pursue Erigor. They would have been stuck there.
  • Lucy beat Sherry (though the giant mouse did almost get her hehheh).
  • Lucy doesn't just sit around when she's captured by Jose and meets Natsu halfway, making it a great deal easier for him to rescue her.
  • Lucy has Sagittarius 'make' fire with an explosion so Natsu can regain strength from eating it and beat Gajeel.
  • Lucy helps Juvia when she is under Vidaldus Taka's spell and defeats him with her in a Unison Raid (which is a difficult skill to be able to master, showing that both women are strong mages).
  • Lucy beats Bickslow.
  • Lucy beats Angel. (Saving Natsu and Hibiki in the process)
  • Lucy doesn't get sucked up in the Anima because of her magic (Horologium) and is the only one to have magic in Edolas for a while thanks to the pill Edo Jellal gives her. (She also saves herself from the guards trying to arrest her and then her friends when they stumble upon the attempt to arrest her)
  • Lucy does most of the work of beating Byro, though Natsu does show up in the very end. 
  • Her befriending Edo Coco helps them get the key and also the Legion that picks them up and saves them later.
  • Lucy and Cana 'defeat' Bickslow and Freed.
  • Lucy and Natsu beat Kain.
  • Lucy's Horologium saves Wendy when facing Hades.
  • Lucy helped a lot with the map making in the preliminary round for the games.
  • Lucy would have beat Flare without outside interference and other underhanded tricks.
  • Lucy and Yukino beat Uosuke.

There are other guild members who have never been shown to win a fight. Like, Levy. She's lost every fight shown. And, Lisanna is always having to be saved by her siblings. Yet, there isn't a lot of complaints about these characters being called weak. I'm not saying that they are weak, but why do they get to be considered to be strong while Lucy - who has been shown to do a lot more - gets called a hindrance?

My final point is that Lucy is also emotionally strong and supportive. Since this post has gotten pretty long and I'm starting to feel lazy, I'll post these in bullet points as well:

  • When Gray was getting all emotional and upset over the loss of his teacher and being presented with the monster responsible for that loss and the loss of his parents, it was Lucy who comforted him. 
  • She helped Loke settle his guilt over causing (or contributing) to Karen's death.
  • Lucy encourages Erza to tell them her past so they can help her. And, she is the only one Erza confides to about Jellal saving them from the tower and, as the wiki says 'implies that she trusts her very much'.
  • Like I mentioned before, she is one of the first to befriend Juvia and is probably has a pretty good sized part in helping her realize/decide she could join the guild (though, Gray probably had the biggest and most significant part lolol).
  • Her feelings and emotions towards her spirits help Hibiki from 'falling into the darkness' and also help reunite Loke with Aries, the spirit he was trying to protect under Karen.
  • She was also able to understand but also stop Natsu from causing a huge scene when they see the Lacrima, while comforting him about being 'helpless' to save them right then. Though they end up getting caught later, this prevents them from getting caught there.
  • Lucy is very, very emotionally supportive of Cana. She rescues her from an alley and helps her gain the courage to stay in the guild and try to become an S-class mage again. Then, she forgives her even when she isn't a very good friend (in a potentially fatal way, at that) and smooths over it to help soften the guilt Cana felt about that. And, then she helps encourage her to finally reveal to Gildarts that she's his daughter, even though no one was promoted to S-class. Lucy has been a wonderful friend to Cana. <3
  • She is also supportive towards Yukino, who has shown in recent chapters to think very little of herself, by not allowing her to give up her keys and telling her that her relationship with her spirits is strong and that's what matters. Bascially, stops her from giving up on being a Celestial Mage. She could have easily snatched those keys up greedily.
  • Heck, Lucy is even emotionally supportive to herself. After Future-Lucy sacrifices herself to save...herself...she tells her not to feel bad. That, either way, Future-Lucy was going to die. It was better this way.
Man. Look at that. Look at all that useful stuff she does. Lucy is a such a freaking great person. And, this is why she's my favorite.

tl;dr: If you hate Lucy, I don't think we can be friends.

(Wow. This was so long that I'm almost sorry.)


  1. Weakness is a term based on personal opinion, there is nothing that could prove she is weak or she is not, casue there is no clear definition to the term.

    Therefore this whole wall of text is useless, so is the haters who post everywhere about how some charecters are bad/weak/uselss etc.

    It is all about personal opinions, you people are justing wasting your time to arge with valid points when the term valid can't be accepted here as there is no such thing as a valid personal opinion, vice versa.

    1. Hm. Maybe.
      The dictionary definition for weak is: lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks; lacking physical strength and energy.
      Which, can apply to Lucy, can't it? But you know, the point of this post wasn't to say LUCY IS STRONG DEAL WITH IT, but more along the lines that strengths and weaknesses in people are diverse. That everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Of course, that's just apart of being a human or any other living thing. This wall of text is me pointing out her strengths.

      There's also the second part of the definition for weak: liable to break or give way under pressure; easily damaged.
      Which doesn't really apply to Lucy, because she is tough and can take a beating. Saying that a character is weak is incorrect. Characters are going to have weaknesses along with the strengths.

      Is it my personal opinion to point out that if Lucy and Natsu were to get in a physical fight, Lucy would be weaker in that situation and lose? Or, to point out that if Lucy and Natsu were to sit down and take tests, Natsu would be weaker in that situation and lose? I think instances of her winning by using intelligence can prove that she's not weak. I think instances showing her strength of will cane prove that she's not weak. If you can present cases of her being strong...doesn't that prove she's not weak?

      Lucy is my favorite character and I see a lot of value in her. Seeing people say she's weak because she's not strong in one way is annoying. Not to mention, as I said above, if every character is strong in the same way, they'd all be the same character and it would be boring. So, what you're saying doesn't really go against what I've said in this post. I have fun analyzing a character and discussing it with other people, so it isn't a waste of time to me. Thank you.

  2. lucy in my thoughts is an amazing character she represents weakness yet also strenght. People see crying as something weak but in reality their is no courage without fear put yourself in her place and see how well you would do.

    1. I think that because Lucy is a main character, people expect her to be some tough, blonde, mafia boss chick. When they see her as s person lower than their expectations, they get all pissy and rude about it. I mean, nobody really beats on Levy or Lisanna, and they are CLEARLY shown to be weaker than Lucy.

  3. she has amazing will power and she grow up shelterd and she olny start to grow as a fighter when she ran away from home. People say she is a weak figher because everyone else in the show is stronger but you have to look at it as she didnt grow up becaming a strong fighter like the rest of them did and you see though the show her geting stonger and with out her leo wouldnt be alive.

  4. I'm indifferent to her as a character but she gets her ass kicked lots though o know that. I don't like the romance thing either, (even though it's blown up by fans as I don't see Natsu as feeling that way about her and it looks like she's falling for him) It doesn't seem to go well with Natsu's character if you ask me. The male and female lead don't always have to end up together.

    1. You know, I think that it's inevitable for Lucy. She's a newbie in a world where a lot of people have been fighting from very young ages. You wouldn't expect someone in pokemon who're are still in the beginning of the game with level 20 pokemon to be beat someone who has been playing for longer and has level 70. And, it's not like she can be like, "Excuse me, very-strong-and-famous-group-we're-fighting-against-because-we're-the-main-characters-in-this-story, could you please send out your grunts and newbies to fight me? It wouldn't be fair for me to fight someone who is more experienced than me." Her strength is displayed in how well she can stand against these type of people, and I think she is getting braver and (physically & magically) stronger as the story goes along.

  5. Agree why people think lucy isnt weak and strong??? Guys lucy is main character but she isnt strong she is weak and unlucky
    She always lose i want without lucy fairy tail
    also she doesnt know about herself weak
    Always after bullied say stupid and crazy things

  6. To the Haters of Lucy: Lucy is not weak. Just wait April 4 and you'll see what is her true nature.

  7. Wait till the tartarus saga cause we will see Lucy's true worth at being USELESS. She loses both Taurus and Aries to one of the fucking demons in Tartarus. She is beyond useless. Every achievement she has only proves that Natsu could've done even if he was half dead like he is after al most any fight he is in.

    1. You have not read the post very well. And no. Lucy DOESN'T get her ass kicked thay much.

  8. Lucy has gotten here ass kicked more time than nami from onepiece every episode she fights in she gets her ass kicked and there is no need to wait for april because in the manga that is ahead of the show guess what she not only loses aries and taurus she gets her ass kicked she should just die already.

    1. and future lucy dies shes fucken useless

    2. I don't even watch OnePiece, so I don't know about Nami, but...most characters in Fairy Tail get their ass kicked in fights. Natsu and everyone get the shit beat out of them before they win tons. It's not like Lucy is the only character to ever lose. It's also not like Lucy has lost every battle. She's won and aided others to win in plenty of battles.
      And, yo, I don't know if you noticed, but Future Lucy was the only one to do anything at all in that situation. Everyone else stood there like bumps on a log. Her very death had use. She alerted them to the possible future and helped prevent it from happening. She stopped current Lucy from dying. If current Lucy had died, they wouldn't have been able to shut the gates and then it would be game over.
      Which, leads to another time when Lucy was the only one who moved into action. When the dragons started coming through the gates, everyone was standing there stunned like "Oh shit!" while Lucy sprang into action and was like, "How do I close the gate? Freaking tell me already so I can stop more from coming through!"
      And, finally, I don't know if you've read the recent chapters or not, but Lucy's intelligence and quick thinking saved their souls.

  9. Well people who called her weak well guess what she isn't. She is not strong either but she was the last one standing in that huge water bal against Minerva. She lost against Flare because Raven Tail was cheating by distracting Lucy. When Gajeel was beating her up she stil could stand up. Plus the Phantom Lord incident everybody wanted to protect her but she wanted to go help them. So if you hate Lucy so much instead of posting "I HATE LUCY BECAUSE SHE WEAK" comments on here why don't you do it on "I HATE LUCY HEARTFILIA BECAUSE SHE IS FREAKIN USELESS" sites. So cut the stupid comments off and do it on another "I hate Lucy" sites.

  10. Honestly, with the newer chapters you can't say Lucy is weak. She's the last one standing, she's the one that sacrificed an important friend to save Fairy Tail and the world, she's the one who got a new magic. All those 'defeats' she had is making her stronger. What I really don't get is that when Fairy Tail fans watch the anime only and say she's weak. I feel like slapping them in the face and shoving the manga in their face. you can't judge her if you haven't even read the manga.

  11. I thank you a lot I think that Lucy wasn't weak. If Flare didn't threaten her in the match she could've won. Lucy is strong, think about her future self how come she survived? Answer because she is strong.
    Lucy is one of my favourite characters.

  12. Lucy is indeed useless well flare is not the weakest member of raventail but she is weak enough to say one of the weakest mages ever lucy beating her is no surprise also she can only make a water shield with aquarius power now if she broke all of the keys she would be good but I don't see that happaning ever and her future self lived because she had to hide after her guild died. 1. She can't use all off aquarius power
    2. She hid like a bitch
    3. Lucy and flare are ass
    4. urano metria ( takes about 2 minutes to say incatation) never kills her enemies actually they always get up.
    5. all her celestial spirits always lose if its not loke
    I say this again she would be good if she broke all of her keys but thats most likely not going to happan.

    1. You can see in the wiki that 'Urano Metria' need a lot of time to master, also know in the English dub 'Ultimate Magic of the Stars'. Aquarius hate Lucy and guess that? Lucy still got Aquarius to get emotive after thinking of never seeing Lucy again. She also helped close the door, while the stupid Princess didn't believe her at first. She tried to close the door, before anyone could move, they keep looking at the dragons with wide eyes and she was the only trying to do something. She have pride in her words, she always says she never break a promise. She is friends with the... wait... that was the name? Oh yeah the Celestial Spirit King. She saved Loke by making the Celestial Spirit King forgive him.

  13. I wasn't really fond of Lucy in the beginning but this made me realize how strong Lucy actually is. Thanks I guess :)

  14. neh, many people will say that lucy isn't weak but she is. without her spirits she's useless. sure, she gets up everytime they beat her, but why does she get beaten up if she isn't even fighting. her spirits do all the work while she's crying, she "sacrificed aquarius for the sake of the whole world and all people" is no argument because it was aquarius who insisted on it and she randomly starts crying again.
    if lucy would leave it would only improve fairy tail and they would spend less time on useless actions for lucys sake

    1. Thank you. There is at least someone with common sense around here.

    2. Isn't that kind of like saying Natsu would be useless without his fire dragon slayer magic?

      I'm not exactly a Lucy fan, but I don't think she's completely weak and useless. I actually think that Lucy is a decent main character because she grows throughout the series from someone who is 'weak'. Reading the last few chapters of the manga, Lucy has definitely grown. Keep in mind she wasn't grown up training her magic power and skills, or at least I don't think so. She started fighting in the beginning of the series.

      I just think that Lucy creates a more realistic mage, who isn't crazy strong like her team mates and other guild members. I think she's getting the most hate because she is the main character, but the other core members are the ones that are stronger than she is, and that's who she is constantly being compared too. The fact that she is chosen as part of these teams (Grand Magic Games, Taking down Oracion Seis, etc.) should be a testament alone to the fact that she's not totally useless, since there are dozens of other Fairy Tail members that could have been chosen. Furthermore, no one talks about how those members are useless, and she is stronger than them.

    3. She fight Byro in Episode 88, she got a weapon named Fleuve d'├ętoiles. She may not be a 'STRONG MAGE', but she is a fighter for not giving up even after she get hurt, she have pride in Fairy Tail and her Namaka. She always try to fight along with her Celestial Spirits, while most Celestial Mages hide behind them.

    4. Byro sucks balls for one two natsu can still lift several tons without his fire dragon slayer magic three she tries to fight but she just gets in the way sure she is a good shield but thats all she is good for and that weapon that vergo gave her was useless as soon as she beat byro and like I said she can only make a water barrier nothing else and who cares that she has the pride of fairy tail when you can't do anything besides be a good shield.

    5. Im not sure you understand the point of this entire article....
      Without Lucy everyone in tartaros would be dead
      And do you not like Lucy because she is the main character and she is comparitively less experienced and physically weaker than her comrades?
      And natsu can 'pick up several tons' because he has been trained like that. Lucy literally has had barely ANY practice before this.

      Did you want Mashima tk make a character who is instantly lerfect. Becuase if you did, i have the feeling that you would still hate her

  15. You people are just lucy fans that want her too be good but she is not the least bit of good she sucks balls all this evidence was smack on to you and you still cling too you're false hopes in her success but that is false hope get this she sucks and she will always suck and will only be good for a shield.

    1. You know, all you are saying is that she sucks, without providing any information besides the fact that you hate her because you doesn't meet up to your expectations, yet the blog above you had many points that lucy does not suck at all. If you hate lucy then write your own fairy tail without her in it, see how it ends up then.

  16. Woah hold up Lucy does serve a purpose I'll give you a reason and this is just from the first two arch ok so look if Lucy wasn't there when Juvia was possessed by that rock dude fairy tail was fucked and if she wasn't there on the nirvana arch natsu would be dead and everyone that was in the alliance was fucked because without Lucy they couldn't hit all of the lacrima much less at the same time so before you say Lucy is useless think about those to things or at least watch the tower of heaven or nirvana arch REI ( or watch both) geez I feel better now

  17. I did not say if she was useful I said she was weak off course she's useful I don't disagree on that but power wise... She licks ass!

  18. She's not weak just because she's not a monster like natsu, Ezra, or gray. But remember your comparing her to other Mane characters not comparing her to people like levy. If you compare her to levy or lisana who is stronger. Lucy of course. I'm not just saying this because I'm a Lucy fan I'm saying it because you should give credit where it's do.

  19. Also saying Lucy is useless without her spirits is like sayin' Ezra is useless without her swords

  20. Lucy is not weak
    if she was she wouldn't be able to take all the pain and torture threw out her entire life
    like when gajeel nearly beat her to death

    she is always endanger because she is one of the main characters and so natsu can save her for NALU moments

    she may seem weak compared to the others but that's because they've been training since they were little
    Lucy did to but stopped after her mom died

    and so what if she uses other people to save her that's her power, her mothers, yukino's, and yukino's sister

    i understand what you mean by she's weak when she doesn't have her keys but she has her whip and she does a little combat

    saying Lucy is useless with out her spirits is saying Ezra without her swords,gray with no ice,Wendy with no air,natsu with no fire,and gajeel with no iron

    and you haters would be ready to cheer Lucy on if hiro gives her dragon slayer powers( i say this because there are theories Lucy's mom is a dragon)

    oh and who helped stop the dragons from coming out of the gate, who figured out that the dragons would come out

    in conclusion LUCY IS NOT WEAK
    if you hate Lucy so much to the point where you make a website about how weak she is and how the show would be better off with out her then stop watching fairytail
    you people who did this and commented are pathetic and pitiful
    just stop watching fairytail for your own sake

    i'm not sorry for my comment above^^^

    however i am for the one below i truly am sorry i'm just a NALU obsessed fan
    people who hate NALU you are crazy,psychotic, and insane
    hiro mashima ships NALU himself
    but if your a STICY shipper i accept because i am one to
    again i am sorry for this comment

  21. Iesha is right Lucy is not weak you just compare her to monsters Lucy is just strong within reason he made Erza natsu fucking monsters and they are who you are comparing her to mobsters people who we're doing this since they were kids Lucy could probably hold her own against nasturtium if he didn't go to those op modes aka dragon force/lightning flame dragon mode if you compare her to levy and lists aha she is strong as fuck your just mad because her character doesn't live up to your expectations you guys are mad because she's not bad ass like erza or op like natsu or has an attitude like her Della's counter part plus there are some areas where she beats her teammates like intelligence believe it or not she's actually smarter then erza not to mention restraint an and compassion yes she actually knows how to hold back unlike her teammates plus team matsuri needs her she might be the only sane one on her team let alone the guild ( not conting levy,Wendy,Lilly,and Carla ) plus Lucy is the very definition of character development she went from running away from fights to staying 'till the bitter end she learned to get stronger she learned when stuff is going to hit the fan step to the side of the fan what I'm trying to say is you make her on to be this weak prissy damsel in distress when actually she's only in distress when she's in deep shit and yes nasturtium saved her a lot of times doesn't make her weak it's one of the many things that makes the show interesting in conclusion Lucy is not weak you just compare her to the wrong people UNDERSTAND NIW REI! Any way navy forever got a problem with what I said take it up with me right here on this page cya

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. thank you most people dont realize that all them grew up in that guild unlike Lucy who was taken care of by her house maids
      and i cant stand it when people compare her to natsu and Ezra
      natsu is a dragon slayer
      and Ezra once defeated her counter part from edolas and defeat 100 monsters and Minerva and not to mention conjured up more than 200 swords when laxus was gonna strike them with those lighting balls thingy

  22. No problem and your right I hate Lucy bashing it's ok to not like a character I don't like Toby ( the dog boy ) but you don't see me Toby bashing

    1. yea like for instance i don't like lisanna at all but you don't see me pointing out her every flaw

  23. I don't h ate Lucy, I'm just indifferent towards her as a character.

  24. Ok I don't judge you for being indifferent it's just the people that don't like Lucy because she isn't a freaking monster there are different types of strength Lucy is intellectually strong stronger than everyone else in the group even Ezra for that matter she is the most trust worthy person on the team or in fairy tail ( not including makorov ) so guys if you want to hate on Lucy because she didn't live up to your expectations oh the fuck well just say so instead of saying she's weak because of course she's not weak she tough as fuck she took that beating from gajeel and Kane and she lived with a father to caught up in his work to really give a,shit about her so no she isn't weak and useless like you say she's stronger than you think and she loses every fight because of hiro being a jerk I personally think that Lucy would be dead right now if it wasn't for all of the die hard Lucy fans out there ( including myself ) the end

    1. Look what I see as soon as I come back lucy is still getting defended well first of all you did not answer my question so let me ask you again.

      1.Lucy cant use all of Aquarius moves and she is much weaker and she can't use it ALL THE TIME
      2. she lost to flare which is one of the worsted mages in fairytail
      3. her urano fuck takes like 10 minutes to charge up
      4. without her magic she is as good as a teen girl
      5. don't you even say she beat byro because he sucks balls
      6. she gets whooped in every fight shes in and loses most of them and don't say she does not.
      7. her celestial spirits even lose almost every fight she's in so there no good
      I can go on but that would be pointless she would be good if she broke all of her keys but you don't see that happening anytime soon she is useful for a shield I will give her that much.

    2. Lucy sucks and very weak. why do people don't realize that she sucks balls

    3. Dee D your stupid to say Lucy is strong and you have to face the fact that she is weak. izumi the reason why the people that think Lucy is strong because they don't watch fairy tail enough to see she sucks and a whole lot weaker.

    4. So does that mean that levy and lisanna suck too? Because you know, they don't usually win most of their fights. Lucy is strong, maybe she can't take down Jellal like natsu did, remember she is a holder type, and her holder type is celestial spirit magic, meaning she gets helps from her spirits, she doesn't abuses them like Karen did, so I would say that's not sucky at all. I have seen fairy tail, Lucy has a strength of her own the way Wendy does doesn't mean they suck.

  25. HOLD THE FUCK UP! Who's retarded I'm not the one saying Lucy is just a teenage girls without her magic how the fuck do you sound do you here what you say natsu's just a retarded teenage boy with a flying cat without his magic and are you forgetting that natsu gets his ass beat in every fight he's in and barely wins by the skin of his teeth and speaking of which Lucy seems really good at saving matsu's ass allow me to explain natsu almost dies in the nirvana arc, edolas arc, GMG arc, and the Tartarus arc and your forgetting that her spirits aren't slaves and have personalities ( Virgo is a masochist ) so they are bound to have all of their faults for example Aquarius is an ass hole to EVERYONE not including Scorpio and the spirit king so ya wanna keep talkn' shit I can do that to so come at me bro.

  26. i pity you people smh
    if don't like Lucy so much to the point where you decide to make a website or comment rude things on them just stop watching fairytail you must not like the show that much if you keep bashing on her

  27. I will come at you bro. Alright let's be logical here every fight Nastu almost died in lucy would have died in. Lucy would have died from zero in the nirvana arc and in every arc if it weren't for natsu and Dee D your complaint about nastu being only a teenage boy without his magic is false Nastu could lift over a 5 tons in his base form and lucy cant even lift 300 pounds so your wrong about that and Iesha Millar just shut up with your ridiculous comments because I know things about the show you will never know in your life and you cant just assume that I HATE THE SHOW BECAUSE LUCY SUCKS BALLS!

    1. first off its miller with an e
      second off who are you why are you calling me by my first and last name i dont know you third i never said you dont like the show i said you might not like the show MIGHT
      finally im not gonna lie to myself you're right about how lucy would have die if natsu died becuase natsu is stronger than her

    2. Thank you for understanding that lucy is a weak piece of shit and she is not usefull in the least and i'm sorry for miunderstanding you when you said I hate the show. *CASE CLOSED*

  28. Ok so natsu would've died in that fight with zero if jellal didn't give him that fire and the only reason natsu is that strong is because he was raised by a fucking DRAGON Lucy on the other Hand was raised in a mansion by people who waited on her every need and desire not to mention she stopped practicing magic when her mother died so yeah FUCK YOU

  29. I feel like hiro mashima just hates or just dislikes Lucy she gets her ass kicked in pretty much every major fight and gets captured like almost every arc she's like the Mocuba of fairy tail but ... At the same time she's the very definition of character development she tries her Hardest no matter what and she is the smartest amd most reasonable character on the team better yet the show so yeah she has her moments of weakness like all fairy tail members because when you think about it fairy tail usualy win because they get a stronger second wind then their opponent

  30. You just further proved that Lucy is a weak piece of crap even though i'm not saying that she cant get any stronger. Lucy indeed has the most character development and she does indeed serve her useful parts but she is still indeed weak and useless. Now if she were to break all of her keys I would have no problem saying that Lucy would be one of the strongest characters but we clearly see that it's not going to happen. Hiro could had done a much better job with Lucy and she is one of my favorites believe it or not. Hopefully she gets stronger in the future.

    1. But if you broke all of erzas swords wouldn't she be quite powerless? Just don't watch the show.

    2. You don't kow anything about fairy tail do you? Erza can make an unlimited amount of swords with her magic energy and even if she ran out her physical power can easily overpower most of the fairytail characters. Lucy can't do anything besides scream out NASTU! without her keys

    3. Actually your wrong Era doesn't make swords that's Gray's thing, she equips them meaning she has to have them before she uses them

    4. Did you see the battle against Laxus and Nastu. She made the swords out of her magic energy when she was going to destroy all of the lacrima. That's pretty much states that she can make her own weapons.

  31. Ok so you just contradicted yourselfsaying that she's useless and then saying she was usefull but that a side Lucy isn't weak her magic wasn't made for combat like Dragon slaying magic was created for the purpose of killing dragons but anyway she may not be the strongest on the team but she is one of the strongest in the guild regardless of what you say and we both know that it's true so try again

  32. Alright clearly you did not read my comment correctly i said she would be good if she broke all of her keys and as for her magic the only thing it was shown doing is going on the offensive saying that her magic is not suppose to be offensive makes her more ass than what I subscribed her as. You need to see just how useless lucy is man she is not worth defending.

  33. Sure Lucy can be useless in combat and annoying sometimes but its not like she had years of training like Natsu, Gray, and Erza had. Plus she fights alongside her spirits and she has a good heart. Lucy haters out there make fun of how she is so weak and useless but she really isn't. The team needs her emotionally. Imagine if she died in Fairytail. Team Natsu would be gone because Natsu would be too sad to fight. ( or fight to avenge her death but thats probably the only fighting he would do in months ) Also a Fairytail with just strong ass people would be boring. Hiro mashima made her for a reason. So all you Lucy haters out there, i don't want to make a war against you, but if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    1. You know this blog was dedicated to show that lucy is not useless but you pretty much stated how useless she is and you should read rei's last comment he made stating Lucy is one of my favorites believe it or not. Hopefully she gets stronger in the future. So she is weak but she is not useless at the same time alright everybody.

    2. I agree even though she is not that useful she is still indeed useful but that does not mean she is strong in any means.

  34. I cannot express how much I love your post. Lucy has been my favorite character from the beginning and hearing how "weak" she is from other people makes me so angry. The fact that she's only been in the guild for a year and has accomplished so much is beyond amazing. And, like you said, before she joined Fairy Tail she has no fighting experience whatsoever. She's already catching up to people who have been fighting their entire lives. Lucy always blows me away with her strength, both inner and outer. She'll always be my favorite. Thanks for making this!

    1. You should read the post that was made and she is no where near the level of catching up especially in the time skip.